Services We Provide

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Emergency Power Failure-

We can attend this emergency day or night to restore essential services 

Fuse Box Repairs-

Fuse box repairs and replacement can be pre Booked or repaired 24/7 when necessary

Genuine 24/7 service-

We will attend your emergency 24/7 throughout the year to solve any electrical issues

NCIEIC Accredited Electricians-

All our guys are fully trained, vetted and accredited by NICEIC and experienced electricians

Light Fittings, Switches-

We can pre-book appointments to install and correct light fittings, sockets and switches to update and modernise your home

Wiring Issues-

Many electrical faults can be solved by repairing or replacing wires around the home.  It’s important to keep wires secure and in good order to avoid short circuiting and possible fire hazards 

Fire Alarms-

We can be booked to examine and replace fire alarms with modern units at request

Smoke Detectors-

As above we can replace these units at the same time we work on fire alarms

Pre-Booked Appointments-

During the day you can arrange to meet us at a time to suit your schedule to solve all none emergency electrical issues

Safety Certificates-

We can attend your premises and issues a Safety Electrical Certificates once we have examine the system

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